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5 bookkeeping habits business owners should adopt

As a small business owner, the idea of hiring a bookkeeper may sound like an additional expense, but in the long run, having a bookkeeping professional can save you from any business disaster. A savvy business owner embraces good practices to ensure that the business grows steadily. Here are five habits that can give your […]

Why embrace cloud technology?

Cloud technology seems to be promising for businesses that are still embracing manual processes. For one, it is capable of reducing manual work without compromising quality. With its laser-focused features, every business can be sure that nothing is missed out especially when it comes to providing one of a kind solution to every bookkeeping woes. […]

5 ways to protect your business records from the ATO

Many business owners consider audit a nightmare when there is no proper bookkeeping in place. These businesses are often under ATO’s microscope and if there are any discrepancies on the records, ATO can either question financial reports. Bookkeeping may just be a tiny fraction of a business owner’s day-to-day activities, but it creates a serious […]

5 reasons ignoring bookkeeping is a costly mistake

Even if a fledgling company has not spread its wings, setting aside a budget for bookkeeping services is important because it helps you keep track of your expenses and gives you access to financial reports. You cannot afford to ignore the services of your bookkeeper because aside from missing payments, you may also incur penalties, […]

5 essential tools for bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is a major task that is often overlooked because of other business obligations that need to be prioritised. Since bookkeeping involves generating financial reports, the numbers have to be accurate. These days, small business owners living in the era of paperless have realised how easy it is to keep books in check. Thanks to […]

Want an organised bookkeeping system? Start with basics

Bookkeeping is important in every business, but business owners often lose interest in keeping the books. This task involves paperwork, which can be an additional burden to business owners who are already juggling multiple tasks. However, inspite of the difficult tasks involved in bookkeeping, it should not be ignored if you want to remain in […]

Business automation: bane or boon?

Business owners who have been comfortable with traditional bookkeeping may find automation quite intimidating. Automation is a big word for a business owner with a fixed traditional mindset. For them, it means embracing the most advanced technology and completely saying goodbye to manual processes. Automation, to those who have not tried it is a replacement […]

How do business owners and bookkeepers prepare for digital transformation?

The major transformation taking place in the accounting and bookkeeping industry has made it easy for business owners be it small, medium or enterprise to collaborate and streamline processes. Paperwork becomes less burdensome as everyone can gain access to information without worrying about location. It is, without a doubt, an era where workers are no […]

Is it possible for accountants and bookkeepers to have an harmonious working relationship?

Cloud technology paves the way for bookkeepers to change roles so they can keep up with the advancements of technology. While there are plenty of benefits that changing roles can provide, it can also create challenges when it comes to establishing working relationship with accountants. The roles that each party plays differ but problems take […]

Important bookkeeping dates in Australia

There are a myriad of responsibilities that you need to handle as a business owner such as taking note of the significant bookkeeping dates. If in the past you don’t pay heed to these dates, you need to save these dates so you won’t get into trouble when payment deadlines are approaching. When running your […]

Handle allowances wisely

When it comes to managing your business, there is one important aspect you need to get straightened out: your finances. Aside from the salary that your employees receive, they are also entitled to receive allowances for work-related travels and other duties they need to fulfill. However, it is easy to commit mistakes when important details […]

Get to know the software that works for your business

It is always a challenge for small businesses to keep up with the changes because they need to maintain a high level of productivity and efficiency. The race is going to be long and one of the roadblocks to maintaining efficiency is the delay in the bookkeeping process due to circumstances beyond an employer’s control. […]

Everything you need to know about your bookkeeper

Outsourcing a bookkeeper requires extensive research especially if you rely heavily on the Internet to look for some prospects. While setting some basic criteria can help you stay on the right track, it still pays to check other aspects for you to be sure that the person you have identified for the position can be […]

Essential information you need to understand in a profit & loss report

It is such a whiff of fresh air if a business owner sees a Profit & Loss Report that demonstrates positive figures because it only indicates that the business is heading in a favourable direction. However, little do business owners know that it takes more than just going over the reports to thoroughly understand its […]

Committing a deadly sin called multitasking

We all have two hands and one brain, but why is it that we are more inclined into juggling several tasks at the same time? We rivet to the computer screen while grabbing a sip from a tepid cup of coffee, one hand is on the keyboard while the other is on the phone. Multitasking […]

Bookkeeping techniques for small business owners

Bookkeeping is probably one of the most dreaded tasks for small business owners. Aside from entering data and keeping accurate records, the process of recording all financial activities requires a great deal of work. Small business owners who have not anticipated the negative effects of ignoring bookkeeping will sure consider this task unnecessary so long […]

Is it time to change your bookkeeper?

Are you considering changing your bookkeeper as you have noticed a dramatic change in his daily performance? You might be vacillating on whether to keep the same bookkeeper or hire a new one as you might just be overreacting or being unfair to your bookkeeper. It is indeed difficult to decide when you have been […]

5 Signs Of Fraudulent Payroll Activity

Almost all businesses are vulnerable to payroll fraud and it involves a serious alteration of payroll system. There are a number of ways fraud can be committed and the most common is boosting the amount of salary that the employee is supposed to receive. This is already a cause for alarm especially for small businesses […]

The Xero Network Effect: Connecting small businesses, advisors and partners

Xero is a great bookkeeping tool. This short video provides a quick overview of what it can do for you and your business.  

Bookkeeping mistakes that automation can address

Every action that a small business owner takes can have a negative or positive impact on the business. While the financial health of your business may not be the only aspect you need to keep a watchful eye on, most business owners owe their success to proper management of cash. Without a doubt, many small […]

The tasks your bookkeeper should regularly perform

If you are starting a new business, hiring a bookkeeper may not be as appealing as taking care of other aspects of your business. In fact, you may even consider it unnecessary since you are just starting out. However, as your business is taking shape, you will realise that you need to keep accurate and […]

A guide to reading a financial report

Reading a financial report helps you determine the strength of your business. Are you planning to grow your business? Do you want to get additional investors? Before you can execute your plans, you need to pry into your financial report to find out if you are indeed ready to take the next step. If you […]

5 benefits to reap from hiring a bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is essential even to small business. If you are used to DIY bookkeeping, you will never know if the details of your report are accurate. In case you are still in doubt whether or not you should consider the idea of hiring a bookkeeper, always keep your cash flow in mind. You cannot grow […]

Costly bookkeeping mistakes a business owner must avoid

Many business owners have gotten themselves into serious trouble with the ATO because of committing serious bookkeeping mistakes. This usually happens when essential details are overlooked. Small business owners may choose to handle bookkeeping tasks themselves because of the notion that hiring a bookkeeper is an additional expense. However, there can be numerous problems associated […]

Understanding a business financial statement

Your income statement helps you assess the financial strength of your business. However, there are instances when this important financial tool is ignored. If you want to keep track of your business, it is important to keep balance sheet and cash flow statement in check. They are the statements that will enable you to get […]

Common cash flow missteps that can hurt small business

Even when your business is profitable, it does not guarantee a steady cash flow. Seasoned business owners can still run into financial difficulties because of the inability to handle cash flow. Cash flow missteps can affect your company’s reputation. If an important opportunity comes your way, it will be challenging for you to move forward […]

Benefits of hiring a CPA

Anyone can be an “accountant.” In simple, day-to-day tasks such as buying the grocery, paying the bills, or going to the bank — each one of us is “accounting.” We record and manage our budget, time, and resources in the manner that we deem most efficient. On the other hand, not everyone can be a […]

Handling late payments

One of the challenges of running your business is ensuring that you have a steady cash flow and all of your business endeavors go as planned. However, problems can arise when client payments are left unsettled. This causes your business to hold any business plans as you do not have enough cash for the operation. […]

How to keep your tax bill down

Paying your tax bill is an obligation you cannot afford to ignore. ATO is particular about businesses who habitually ignore tax payments. One reason you should pay your tax bill in a timely manner is to avoid penalties. It might seem like a complicated subject matter, but it can actually be simpler. Doing a research […]

Four factors to consider when buying bookkeeping software

When it comes to managing the books for your business, the tasks should not be taken lightly because bookkeeping plays a vital role in making major financial decisions. Major oversights should not be taken for granted because they are also important to your business. Mistakes can create a ripple effect on your business and can […]

Superannuation mistakes business owners often commit

Superannuation is an obligation every business owner needs to fulfill. It includes paying the super contributions for eligible employees and it is also the employees’ key incentive area. There are problems that you will encounter with superannuation especially when it comes to generating report of pay cycle and bulk payments. Once payment for super contributions […]

Why and how do you register for GST

When you start a new business, one of the responsibilities you need to fulfil is registering for GST. Although GST registration is optional, there some businesses that automatically register for GST. If you have a turnover of $75,000 or more, you need to keep in mind that GST registration will be mandatory. However, if your […]

Three ways of improving your bookkeeping system

For your company to thrive in a rapidly changing corporate environment, you need to welcome change. However, not all changes taking place in your organisation creates a positive effect. You also have to make sure that the changes you make to your business will improve business operations and customer experience. When time-consuming tasks are slowing […]

Bookkeeping software for your business

As a business owner, you want to make sure that your business is on the right direction. One of the things to help your organisation prosper is by finding and using the best bookkeeping software. Business owners who invest in bookkeeping software understand its importance in managing business finances. The way you manage your finances […]

4 essential bookkeeping tasks to automate

These days, may organisations have discovered the potentials and promises of having automated bookkeeping system because aside from a streamlined process, tasks that used to take hours can be significantly reduced to minutes. Eliminating repetitive tasks is also an additional advantage of an automated bookkeeping system. If you are still dealing with traditional bookkeeping system, […]

The key dates to remember for lodgment and payment

As a business owner, you are required to pay taxes and other obligations in a timely manner. However, there are other areas of your business that you need to focus on and these deters you from keeping track of these important dates. This is where your bookkeeper will come into play. Your bookkeeper should take […]

Bookkeeping and time management

Do you experience delays in requesting for essential documents from your bookkeeper?Does your bookkeeper keep on missing deadlines without providing any valid reason? If you have been constantly giving the reminders of the importance of the assigned task, something needs to be done in order to correct the problem. While some tasks may not be […]

How should you communicate with your bookkeeper?

Have you ever asked your bookkeeper for a specific report only to receive a different document? Does miscommunication happen frequently? While it is easy to assume that it is distraction or laziness on the bookkeeper’s part, there can be a more serious reason such as the communication barriers. You and your bookkeeper may only meet […]

6 ways a business can trigger an ATO audit

According to ATO data matching is a key component in terms of their surveillance programs. This is why you need to be very careful with your business transactions because the ATO is active with their audit practices and review. There is more to tax compliance than filing an annual income tax return. In fact, ATO […]

What should you do with your receipts?

If you are asked to substantiate your claims, you will need to secure some essential documents such as contracts, invoices and receipts. This is why if you have already developed a habit of stashing receipts away in a shoebox, it is about time you give importance to this piece of paper because they play a […]

What roles does a bookkeeper play in growing your business?

Business growth is a goal every small business owner wants to accomplish. However, there is no such thing as overnight success. You need to work hard so you can accomplish your goals. Although small business owners try to avoid incurring additional expenses, a company cannot successfully operate without a good bookkeeper. A bookkeeper keeps your […]

Simple ways to take care of your cash flow

Start-up businesses fail because of placing other business goals ahead of cash flow. Although it is necessary to generate sales leads and build your brand, cash flow is still an important aspect of your business. Your company needs cash in purchasing additional products, building up your team and even growing your business. Cash flow shortage […]

Can a bookkeeper be an asset to a small business?

When starting your own business, cutting costs by avoiding unnecessary spending is the technique you want to employ.  To some business owners, hiring a bookkeeper is tantamount to an expensive luxury. Some would rather resort to DIY bookkeeping to file or fill out the necessary paperwork. However, not hiring a bookkeeper can also be a […]

How to keep your bookkeeping tasks more organised

Is there a technique that business owners and bookkeepers should employ when it comes to maintaining clean and error-free records? Good record-keeping practices must be observed so taxes and other important bills are paid on time and the business’ financial standing is properly identified. There is no need to consider complex techniques because all it […]

What should you see in a financial statement?

A business owner relies on financial statements to find out about the performance and condition of past and future operations. It is considered the lifeblood of any business because it clearly provides an idea which direction your business is heading. Balance Sheet There are three important elements that should be found in your balance sheet: […]

Signs your business has trouble with budgeting

Your business can head straight towards the pit of disaster if you do not pay heed to one of the most important aspects of bookkeeping: cashflow. From using your business accounts for personal expenses to failing to keep important receipts, all of these can wreak havoc on your business. When a business is faced with […]

Does your bookkeeper provide an efficient bookkeeping service?

When it comes to maintaining your books, a bookkeeper should play an important role. It is critical that you discuss your concerns with your bookkeeper and this is where setting up a bookkeeping system comes in. There are businesses that are dragged into a lawsuit because of mishandling funds. Your business cannot afford bad bookkeeping […]

Payroll fraud: do not let your business become a victim

When you are dealing with large amounts of money on a regular basis, people who are appointed to accurately monitor expenses can be easily tempted. When these anomalous transactions are discovered, business owners are already clueless about the unexplained financial activity. As a business owner, ensuring fraud risk is minimised is in your hands. The […]

Out with archaic bookkeeping, in with modern bookkeeping

Bookkeeping technology has evolved and it keeps on getting better and better. A task that used to require hours can now be done in minutes. Any information can be retrieved from a database and the tasks that can take so much of a bookkeeper’s time are now fused into one. When the latest bookkeeping technology […]